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At first sight, you would not believe that Tiffany Taylor is Playboy's number 1 during its November, 1998 issue. That's because the American actress looks far from the images of Playboy Playmates that have been conjured up through the years. May it be credited to the fact that the alluring model with very Hispanic features is maturing or it is just not in her character to flaunt anytime and anywhere she want, seeing a Playboy model all dolled up but not naughty-looking is a breath of fresh air. That is not to say, however, that Taylor is far behind the voluptuous models of Playboy magazine. In fact, it was her sexiness and appeal that brought her to the limelight. In 1996, a Playboy photographer named David Mercey spotted her and brought her to eventually become a Playmate. Being a playmate did not stop Taylor from reaching her dreams and in 2002, she finally earned her Criminology degree from the University of Maryland.

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