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Tony Braxton bio
Tony Braxton probably got her singing talent from her mom who was a vocalist. Unknown to many, she was brought up under strict guidelines of her parent's faith, which streamlined her from listening to mainstream music. Good thing, the ropes were loosen later on, and that's when the real Braxton talent boomed. She formed a group with all of her four sisters and got around to release a less than successful first single, which prompted Babyface's LaFace Records to adopt such a precious talent. It was all upward hike from there with Braxton earning Grammy trophies, Billboard rankings, multiplatinum awards, and very successful gigs. The low blow happened before the 1990s closed but fortunately for music fans worldwide, the talented R&B crooner rose above the hitch and got around for more successful albums afterward. At present, Braxton is credited for a host of successful songs that got much of the airplays during their times. Among them are "Another Sad Love Song", "Breathe Again", "How Could An Angel Break My Heart", and "Spanish Guitar".

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