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Torrie Wilson bio
Unlike many other voluptuous women who take a claim of the spotlight through glamorous ways like acting in movies and TV shows, singing, and modeling, Torrie Wilson got her taste of fame via the wrestling ring. Originally, she wanted to pursue an acting career but a single stint at a Baywatch episode did not make much of a spark. In late 1990's, Wilson found herself in the wrestling arena, managing wrestling talents and herself to compete for the World Championship Wrestling title. Fast forward to 2007, Wilson is currently one of the most popular wrestling talents that not only entertain people with her strength and stamina but with her oozing sexiness as well. Her pet dog Chloe also found fame since she started bringing her to the ringside every time she has a fight. The sexy owner and her pet are now part of WWE's colorful history, being chosen to present the Best in Show, which are actual canine moments that happened in the wrestling platform.

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