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Ursula Andress bio
Whether Ursula Andress made it to the Hollywood mainstream or not is a non-issue because many people who lived in the 60s era recognize her as one of the more memorable personalities of that time. The Swiss-born starlet, who was a 1936 baby, had a very colorful life. Andress tried to elope with her French boyfriend at 17, an occurrence that was highly opposed by her parents and eventually, took her to the movies. She chanced upon Marlon Brando once and soon was launched as a full-blown actress. On top of making movies, Andress also starred in some of the juicier gossips that linked her to fellow actors like James Dean. Apparently, she was with Dean when he purchased the car that ended his life. Oh yeah, this European actress is the original Bond girl. She played Honeychile Ryder in Dr. No, the father of all of James Bond's adventures (with girls!).

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