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Yasmine Bleeth bio
Yasmine Bleeth was a New York native who was born on the 14thy of June, 1968. Her first taste of stardom is that of which she could not even remember because she was still a baby. At six months, she modeled for the famed infant line Johnson & Johnson. Five and a half years later, Bleeth continued to strut her stuff in product endorsements. Eventually, she found herself in the movies and got serious stuff going when she got the "Baywatch" role. As a "Baywatch" babe, Bleeth found herself voted to some of the most prestigious beautiful women's lists and considered for a handful of movie roles. Most of the movies that she made did not ring a bell the same way her personal life did. In 2001, Bleeth was arrested for possession of illegal drugs after she figured in a car accident. A year later, she married businessman Paul Cerrito. The couple is currently having a quiet family life in California.

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