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Zoe McLellan bio
Zoe McLellan, despite the name that was intended for a guy, is among the most sought-after, sophisticated, and beautiful celebrities today. Zoe, who was born on November 6, 1974 in La Jolla, California first hug the center stage in her short-lived role as the famous villain Logan St. Claire in the TV series Sliders. However, despite her short appearance on the said Tv program, Zoe's talent was noticed by several producers that projects kept pouring her way. Her role as Navy Petty Officer Jennifer Coates in JAG has endeared her to many male audience since it was probably their first time to see such a beauty in uniform. Despite the fact that she does not have loads of movies on her belt, Zoe has proven that she is not just a Katie Holmes look alike, but an actress with a natural talent to beat. Among Zoe McLellan's films are Dungeons & Dragons. Stranger in My House, and Stonebrook.

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